flexible enough to meet your needs

Whether its ad hoc. or a regular arrangement, home visits,  group or solo walks with your dog on or off lead, derbydogwalking can meet your requirements. 

group walks

After an initial assessment and introductions, My insurance covers me to walk up to 6 dogs together.

solo walks

If as solo walk is preferred, this can also be arranged.

off lead

With your permission, we can go off lead.

home visits

Home visits can also be arranged.


  • 60 Min Group Walks – £11.00
  • Multiple dogs from the same Home £11 + £5 each
  • 60 Min Solo Walk – £12.00
  • 30 Min Walks – £7.00
  • Drop in Home Visit – £7.00

What You Get:

Your dog gets the time you buy: