My Philosophy:

Over years of working with rescue dogs, I have developed an approach upon which derbydogwalking is based.  When I’m walking your dog, the experience will always be positive and reward based.  It is my commitment at all times to treat your dogs as I would my own and to build a relationship based on mutual trust and respect.  There will be no harsh jerking of the lead, no harsh or angry words, nothing to make your dog fearful, anxious or insecure.

Should I identify any areas of potential conflict, I will use positive distraction, encouragement and avoidance techniques to find a way forward.  The only exception I will make is if there is a realistic danger of physical harm to your dog, other dogs people or myself .  In this case I will remove us from the situation as effectively as I can. 


Each dog will be individually assessed and the service I offer is fully insured and backed by personal experience, my canine first aid training and undergraduate studies in canine behaviour and training.