green poop bags

Like many around the world, I was horrified by the amount of plastic that’s finding its way into our oceans. As a professional dog walker, I use a lot of waste bags and, although I cannot control what happens once the bag hits the bin,  it’s important to me to reduce my consumption of single use plastics.

All waste bags I buy are from The Green Poop Bag

They’re great bags and (crucially) I have never had one split or tear.   From their website, these bags are:

      •    Naturally BIODEGRADABLE

        •    Home compostable certified 

        •    Made with sugar and cornstarch

        •    EU EN13432 and TUV tested

        •    NO chemical additives D2W or EPI

        •    120 bags per box = 2 months supply*

        •    Strong -18 microns thick

        •    Dark & opaque with smart print

        •    Easy to tie and carry handles

        •    Two options to choose from

        •    Box and cores made of cardboard

        •    Super easy to open

        •    Unscented just natural

        •    VEGAN friendly